Soluble Website Mockup.jpg

Brand Identity: Soluble

This was a group project in which we were given the task to create a calling intention for a fictitious non-profit organization that engages in the field of water, such as water literacy, politics, management, culture, consciousness or appreciation. Based on that calling intention, we were to then create a name, visual identity, website, artifact, and ripple story for our organization, and present it in a bound booklet.

Our intention:
How can we inspire passion and gratitude so that humans become knowledgeable of their interdependent relationship with water?

My group and I wanted to create an organization that focused on appreciation for water and consciousness of its precious value. We decided to call it Soluble and create a public display in airports that would invoke thoughts about the importance of water as our artifact.

This project was a very useful test in working with others in a design capacity and taught me a lot about creative collaboration.